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You are going to live 5 hours as a student of a real Magic School inspired in Hogwarts. During this period, we selected the students’ favorite activities of the Summer Camp, which is longer with 5 days of duration.
This work is not only inspired on Harry Potter’s history, but also on philosophical classes, where we combine fun and uplifting experiences, making it a very beaytiful pedagogical programme.

Based on Harry Potter’s and Plato’s virtuous theory, kids will be selected for one of the four Houses:
Self control

Plato stated in his work “The Republic” that the person who developed these 4 virtues would be able to govern a city. Here at Escola de Virtudes Mágicas (EVM), based on this truth, the aim is for students to develop these virtues and be able to become independent thinkers and “govern” themselves. This is the main foundation of our work.

English Immersion Hogday participants will be divided among these 4 Houses and will participate in the Championship of Houses, whose scores to be won will come from various activities and challenges over the 5 hours of activities. The highest scores will come through practicing the virtues.

The main intention of English Immersion Hogday event is not to incite competition, but to build a feeling of reciprocity, of belonging, of collective responsibility, therefore our purpose is to construct of a pattern of attitudes aiming at the collective good and not the individual.

Being part of one of the Houses means being part of a family during the day and, although they start being divided into 4 different groups, until the end of the day, they will have to form one single group, in order to prove those virtues and win the championship.

Fun, reflection, delight and learning go together smoothly!

This work is inspired not only by the wonderful creations of J. K. Rowling and Ursula K. Le Guin, but also by several treatises and texts of classical and stoic philosophy on life, happiness and ethics.

Young people from 6 to 13 years old, who understand an intermediate level of the English language can participate in English Immersion Hogday.

This is NOT an English class, but the educational program presented here guarantees a virtuous atmosphere in an unforgettable event, fully immersed in the English language.

In this 2021 version, we made all the required changes that allow us to comply with the non-agglomeration and hygiene protocols for pandemic times to meet the current rules of group living. 

Em meio à natureza, um espaço mágico
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Clube Sociedade Germania is where all this magic materializes. It has parking, a restaurant on the 2nd floor with wifi where parents who want to stay on the spot can wait while working or enjoying time for creative and relaxing leisure.

Rua Antenor Rangel, 210
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